Photography is my passion, I love what I do and I do it the best.

Martin_KralI am a wedding photographer based in Czech. I really love to shoot weddings and to see and partecipate in the birth of a new family

Weddings are special for each one of us. Photographs are preserved for many years together, so that all of us can go back in time and re-live the past. Wedding photographs play an important role in respect to our emotions. Everyone wants their wedding photographs to be superior in all aspects, so choose a full time wedding photographer.

I am s based in Prague, Czech Republic. I really like to shoot weddings abroad and to meet new and interesting people.

Martin_Kral_profilChoosing a destination wedding photographer is really a though decision because you will not see the pictures you’re buying untill after your wedding day and probably you will see the photographer the day or hours before your wedding. Your decision is not a matter of faith.

Remember that there are no second chances to have nice and candid shots of your weddingMartin_Kral_2